Surgai is my favourite of all the dolls I've designed, I smiled all the way through the huge job of designing him. I would suggest him for an experienced doll maker as some of the techniques may scare you. But don’t let that stop you, the task will take a little time & concentration but the pleasure you will gain from the making will outweigh all the fiddling. What a guy. Surgai is a 52cm doll featuring a wonderful costume, body parts made from 3 different costume fabrics and trimmed with braids and laces. Here's a perfect opportunity to use some of those precious small pieces of stash. I used furnishing fabric and corduroy for the main parts. The bonus is that you don’t have to make a separate costume for him. He has flexible wired fingers with a separate thumb, which makes it easy for him to hold objects, mine holds a lace kerchief and a pretty ball he uses for magic tricks. His arms are angled at the elbow using ladder stitch allowing you to shape them how you like. The body has buttons at the leg joints and arm attachments. His laughing face is painted using acrylic / folk art paints with a full page of step-by-step colour illustrations. The pattern includes the double sided felt hat, satin button-trimmed cuffs, elbow wraps of satin, an impressive but simply made lace ruff and a silk dilly bag he wears on his pleated belt for keeping his hard earned coinage. Photos show the shoulder pieces usually hidden by the ruff, and his head with and without the hat so you can see those remarkable eyebrows, another shows more of the leg detail. The back of his body shows the split jacket. I found this ridiculous green fleece for his hair and it suits his personality so well. No mistake, this is not an easy doll to make as far as time and fabric co-ordination go, but the end result will be well worth it. Imagine him sitting amongst your treasures on the mantle. Enjoy!

Surgai Cloth Doll Pattern

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