Rosie has a painted face with centre seam and pretty eyes. There are plenty of instructions for making the doll and getting the face right. I used a combination of pencil, fabric pen and folk art paint. Her hands and sleeves are formed in one piece and I suggest including some tiny glass bead weights in them with another small sack in her shaped bottom for easy sitting. The feet have painted gold boots. I used some yellow fleece for the hair. The skirt is in 2 layers cut on the cross, one shorter than the other. There is no pattern piece for this but first cut out the sleeve/arm pieces from your half meter then the rest can be made into the overskirt, the 60cm.x 20cm. piece mentioned on the requirements list forms the overskirt. The skirt parts can be made in different colours and fabrics and trimmed anyhow you like. For my trim I chose a plain gold fabric cut on the bias because my pink shantung looked so pretty. You can even give her a very short skirt, just remember to shorten her pants as well. The bodice can be formed from a small piece of matching fabric or wide ribbon and filled out with cotton balls, then the arms and skirt are sewn directly over the bodice onto her body, the raw edge covered finally by the belt. It'll all make sense when you have her in your hands. Under all this she wears cotton drawers, sewn onto the body. I have included a page of instructions on how to make crepe paper roses for her head. They are fun to make and you can be as OTT as you like.

Rosie Cloth Doll Pattern

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