Nile Prince:

This 50cm. tall Egyptian cloth doll for 4 character dolls. Horus,the falcon; Anubis, the Jackal; Set, the Ass; and Sobek, theCrocodile. The body is the same for each doll and is lined for a smooth finish, the heads are sewn on separately. I've made the hair from lengths of painted cord to look like braids. There are plastic doll joints at shoulders and the knees are made with a hinge and plastic bead set-up which makes the doll fun to pose and sit amongst your Egyptian decorator items, or souvenirs from your latest archeological dig. The patterns has a bottom gusset which helps it sit well. The flat feet and hands are in the naive style imitating Egyptian art and have pipe cleaners in them with painted nails. You can also bend them so they can hold objects. The simple costume of a sarong and trim is sewn on. This doll makes a perfect partner for my Nile Princess pattern. Make all four and stand them behind her as guardians. Heads up...the kit mentioned in the notes is no longer available.

Nile Prince Cloth Doll Pattern

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