Miss Peck is a demure lady of 50cm. height. Make her from a fine grade pure cotton fabric in pale pink or peach. She has a centre face seam with pencil drawn face.The back of her head is a wimple. Each hand is a different shape and has pipe cleaner finger inserts. She has a bottom gusset for easy sitting. Her costume consists of a dress with a long cuffs, separate lace collar, a bound coil for the headband and sweet little shoes formed from felt with leather soles. Her underwear is best made from fine white lawn and consists of a camisole, half-petticoat, drawers and knit stockings. She carries a tiny reticule, pattern included. Instructions are well illustrated and contain some optional advanced features. There is one complete page for the face drawing and on it I mention using Face Base which I no longer carry but a diluted coating of PVA or Elmer's white glue will work well and allow the face colour to shine through. Reynold's Freezer paper is also mentioned and if you don't have that where you live here's a tip: The paper that is commonly used as the wrap for printer paper will work in the same way, only it's a little harder to remove and tear away so don't iron it down quite so firmly. None of the making techniques are difficult in themselves so please do give her a try, just take your time and let your Miss Peck reveal herself to you.

Miss Peck Cloth Doll Pattern

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