My history of sewing theatre costumes and love of art history draws me to create my costumed characters, of which Felix surely has to be one of the most bold. The pattern will suit someone with some sewing experience but if you're new to cloth doll making please don't be daunted, it's not very hard and we doll makers have lots of little tricks up our sleeves to simplify the process. I have taught many groups of doll makers I understand we all have different skill levels so I have worded the instructions in simple and clear language. This doll is 46cm.(18 1/4") tall and is made with flesh coloured cotton fabric. Buy the finest and strongest fabric you can, patchwork shops are probably best. If you think you'll fail when it comes to the face, don't fret, it couldn't be easier. Some paints and fabric markers are used on the face, gel pens work well too. Please, when you shop for pens, do take a small sample of fabric with you to trial. I designed a simple but effective method to make his beard and moustache using glued and painted fleece. The costume jacket is made from a little recycled blue corduroy or you could use a nice bit of wool from a winter skirt or anything non-stretch. I combined mine with some plain blue cotton for the sleeves. A scrap of blue lining material made the pants. I used crisp organza for the collar and cuffs trimmed them with some pretty white lace. Cotton lawn would look lovely. You'll need two colours of felt for the hat. His hair and beard are made from dyed fleece that I purchased in a small quantity especially for doll-making but you can pick up a ready-made doll wig or even cut some from a re-purposed soft toy. If you get stuck at any stage I'm happy to help out with questions.

Felix Cloth Doll Pattern

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