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An Epiphany With Buckles Pt.1

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Let’s blow some air under the wings of ‘looking different’.

  • I have straight hair, completely opposite to that tightly spiralled curly hair you sometimes see. In fifth grade I had a crush on Mandy Smith's woolly hair. I encountered another girl with it at uni. Linda? Lisa? and every time I passed her on the stairs Mandy Smith’s perky freckled face popped into my head and I got a little pain of longing. Not that I longed to be back in fifth grade.

5 Standouts in Fifth Grade:

  • Sister Imelda saying I was NO ARTIST. Ouch. Introducing Loris of the thick brown plait. Now mark my words young lady she was an artist. Her picture of a log cabin in a forest was coloured in right up to the edges, whereas my entry in the class art competition, a pencil drawing of blue wrens on a branch, triggered in Sister a case of 'White Paper Heebie Jeebies'. All that negative space, Lord.

  • Sister and my mother in a heated argument over my wearing of the wrong colour hair ribbon, (red instead of navy).

  • I had an accident on the morning school bus, slamming into a steel pole and splitting my lip. Being escorted home by my older brother, looking like I’d lost a fight.

  • Winter's favourite coat, the Brown Astrakhan.

  • Mandy Smith, Irish Sword Dancing, hair bobbing up and down.

Now, where was I? Oh, that's right 'looking different'.

Some of my clothes are way too conservative for my liking. Should I throw them out or think of ways I can rescue them. On the other hand, some of my clothes are strange and don’t go with much else. Are you with me?

Once I complained to a friend “I wish I dressed in a more unusual way, I’m so boring”. Her eyes opened wide and she spluttered on her latte “But Honey, you’re the strangest dresser I know; sometimes I look at you and wonder how you get away with it.” I was quite stunned. Here's me thinking I looked like a school ma’m and she thought I was a shocker. Here are 8 things I won’t ever wear:

  • Anything deemed to be jazzy, snazzy or smart.

  • Inverted “V’ striped skirts.

  • Anything made from crimplene.

  • White shoes.

  • Navy blazers with gold buttons.

  • Slacks.

  • Permanently pleated skirts.

  • Kaftans. Yes, yes, I know they're fashionable again but I don't care.

And some of the things I might be seen wearing:

  • Minis with tights underneath

  • Japanese kimono jackets.

  • Short skirts with Docs.

  • Authentic Indian dress complete with shawl.

  • Antique lace bits with several strands of pearls.

  • Large men’s double breasted suit jackets over baggy pants and waistcoats with a big shirt and half undone tie per Annie Hall.

  • Hats.

In fact, I'm making a vow right here, I will never leave the house again without wearing a hat.

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